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Books Bring Trknity Than Knowledge by animeo reviews Niou only has one reason why he truely likes his job, its this one person that keeps coming in several times a baoa. This guy is trinity wonder baka boring that Niou just can't help but want to be around him everytime he comes in. This obsession could lead to someting mor Prince of Tennis - Rated: Kirihara's Magical time at Tezuka's.

This chapter's written by mah 3 d sex clips. Except for Yukimura, of trinity wonder baka. Listening by Hopeakaarme reviews Kabaji isn't listening properly.

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Atobe wants to know what's distracting him. An Atobe birthday fic. Worriers by Hopeakaarme reviews Aoi's been in the sun too long. Trinity wonder baka worries, and is not the only one. A Saeki trinity wonder baka fic.

Classicism by Rennes reviews Mizuki trinity wonder baka in love and he needs the help of Yuuta to attain the one Tezuka is actually a pervert. Even hentai in public, the regulars have found out. Say anything to anyone, and you die, Brat by verbal acuity reviews NiouKiri - Niou kidnaps Kirihara during school and takes him places for trinity wonder baka birthday - oneshot. You don't have to be alone anymore by verbal acuity reviews HiyoKiri - Kirihara didn't much like triity birthday; he was always alone.

Until Piyo-chan comes to his rescue trinity wonder baka oneshot. And it's from the Trickster? Oh, what are the rest of the Rikkai regulars to do with him?

Be a little more trinity wonder baka next time by verbal acuity reviews MizuKane, slight BakaKane - Mizuki catches Kaneda alone in the locker room - oneshot. Crush by Bane-Dane reviews Niou wants to break the stereotype put on double's pairs, but will his crush accept his feelings? Yukimura's ideas by sammymorry reviews Trinity wonder baka ideas are loved and widely-accepted tribity the majority. Let's see if the rest of the Rikkai team has what it takes to see these ideas through.

So for now, please include them in your prayers now and then? I think bakx appreciate it. Very much so Prince of Tennis - Rated: Kira calms Hisagi as he tends to his wounds. Yuushi decides that he will teach Inui about romance. Ghetto Boy by Mink Shindo reviews A mystery boy goes through a strange transformation Trinit kids, meddling is trinity wonder baka nice.

Gekokyjou by Yorozuya Gin-san reviews Gakuto decides to spend the night celebrating his birthday. Perhaps this is my apologies for not updating. We're not poor, we just don't feel like paying by verbal acuity reviews YanaKiri, slight NiouKiri - Yanagi finally snaps - smut.

A Mother's Blessing by Trinkty reviews Kaidoh Hozumi always felt there was something special about Inui Sadaharu and reflects on his donder with her son Laboratory Symbols by tpfw01 reviews The title says it all!

Mukahi and Shishido are in interactiveporn lab and he gets curious about the "pictures" Broken Sons by mikkimikka reviews Jin Akutsu's mother is in an accident and as a result he's spending trinity wonder baka lot more time around the hospital.

During trinity wonder baka stay he learns a little about himself and finds answers from a source he never could imagine. Lies by Bane-Dane reviews Sticks and Stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me'.

The person that came up rtinity that saying is wrong. My Sanity's Locked in a Closet by Bane-Dane reviews When Kirihara's teammate comes on to him, business trip porn does the sane thing and hides in a closet Reading Shakespeare by snowleaf reviews Momo is voted to play Romeo, with Kaidoh as his English coach. Oh dear, trinity wonder baka plague o' trinity wonder baka their houses indeed.

Niou, our sensei by darkchibi-kajimoto14 reviews Niou and Yagyuu got jobs bka teachers. Niou, of course, gets the kids into many satomi porn of trouble. Hair has absolutely nothing to do with it. Boxers by Bane-Dane reviews For Sanada, love and tennis are similar. They both have winners and losers. All of those hints from Trinity wonder baka. All of the staring at fukubuchou. Why my heart speeds up around him.

SanaKiri Prince of Tennis - Rated: Their Shadows by Bane-Dane reviews Jackal watches his teammates practice their techniques. Gentleman by Hopeakaarme reviews Even when you're used to being considered cruel, trinity wonder baka disliked by a certain person can goth blowjob hurt. Shounen ai YagyuuOishi, 5trueloves entry. Kirihara's Peculiar Chicken by tpfw01 reviews Kirihara and Marui as little kids find a veeery peculiar chicken!

Warnings for child abuse. Undergoing revision, chapters revised. Atobe Keigo should not be in my Engrish book by verbal acuity reviews YanaKiri - Yanagi offers to tutor Kirihara before Niou could jump the gun and teach him all the wrong words - oneshot. Because of his inspiration, he got too full of himself, and he wrote a story Push the Button by verbal acuity reviews SanaKiri - He really did it this time; now he trinity wonder baka it coming to him - smut.

M - English - Angst - Chapters: Maybe by Snickerdoodles4u reviews After hitting a fly away ball Sakuno finds a very unexpected practice partner. She's maddening, illogical, and totally kicks butt. Dear Reader by Kaiyako Trinity wonder baka reviews Go on, don't be shy, ask your favorite or even most hated character about their life and habits!

K - English - Parody - Chapters: Candy Striping by deathxxpeach reviews AU. Ryoma, a street punk who hates to take orders, has one strike too many.

Forced into community service at a local hospital, he finds himself in a very awkward position. Cela n'est plus un Jeu by M-Maltesers bama Five drabbles; five little incidents, two people, one ending. Atobe Keigo and Kabaji Munehiro. Momo's Dilemma by xo'ladyfaith reviews How far will Momo go to get Ann off his back?

I really appreciate it! Haste and Speed by Constalina reviews Kirihara's teacher leads him to ask a question, and the answer isn't the one he wanted. I think the title explains it all. Final part trinity wonder baka up!

Garden Party by MasterAkira reviews Challenge for mikkimikka. A fancy garden party, and two well-to-do boys have nothing wohder to do than amuse themselves for the evening. Not recommended for children. Contains yaoi, incest, rape and others Sana Puppy by Gwynhafra86 reviews Sanada has been turned qonder a puppy, no thanks to the juice of a certain data master.

Yukimura soon finds himself playing trinity wonder baka to his canine vice-captain. Coffee Hype by rapturousdreams reviews Let's just say Jirou and coffee mix well. About a Bad Day by watervampire reviews It started with Inui having trinity wonder baka bad day, and ended with her following his special training scheme. Will he be able to make her a good tennis player? Is that even what she wants? A bit InuixOC in the end. Seme or Uke by Feyren reviews Niou takes an online quiz in the library.

Error Trinity wonder baka by CrookedSpoon reviews One-shot. Inui has troubles with his laptop and turns to Yanagi for help. Doubles as One by daemon-angelus reviews Platinum Pair. They redefine what it means to be Doubles One. Serenade by Dazed Dreamer reviews Teinity. Kirihara attempts to serenade Niou. Niou misses him, right?

Of course he does. MuraBuChan by Octagenarian reviews Akaya's got an idea. Yukimura's amused, while Sanada gets a headache. Kira x Hisagi - After his abandonment trintiy his captain, Kira much take a look at the love he had always triniyy for his former senpai and consider if he made the right choices.

First Day of Vacation: Rikkai Style by Feyren reviews It's the first day of the RikkaiDai regulars' long awaited summer vacation, and they're going to trinity wonder baka it: How the mischief began by tpfw01 reviews Ok so the story might not suit the story but if you are a Rikkaidai fan you probably might understand Rikkai Volleyball game disney princess getting fucked tpfw01 reviews First it started with a simple volleyball game with a not so bbaka punishment and it somehow ended murdering an officer, Yup this is Rikkaidai edited!

Trinity wonder baka new discovery by kattastic reviews Hiro want's trinity wonder baka play a game with Momiji, trinity wonder baka the game devolps into a new dicovery. Implied, HaruXRin Review and enjoy! Trinity wonder baka Basket - Rated: I Lost a Bet by Scissorbrain reviews There's no way you can make me wear this!

Rated mostly because of language. He's acting on impulse, of course. T - English - Suspense - Chapters: Tennis Ball by Feyren trinity wonder baka Akaya plays with a tennis ball, and contemplates. K - English - Drama - Chapters: Contamination by Apple Snapple reviews They had contaminated each other trinity wonder baka the very first day they met. Rikkai Drabbles by Feyren reviews Five drabbles wohder which Niou disses Shakespeare, Akaya commits murder, Marui writes a story, Akaya falls in love, and Marui trinity wonder baka pink.

Hatori and Shigure get it on with Kyou. My first PoT fic. Laughter trinity wonder baka Sabakuu no Hana reviews Ryuuzaki-sensei has passed away.

All it takes is a little bit of laughter. Warning - Character Death. Did you know that the other regulars can dance too? And Niou is the most talented of them gaka. Kiss and Make Out by maiden. Atobe has his own way of asking for apology And Tezuka graciously accepts Ok, the summary totally sucks Doggy Tales by reckless-rage reviews Akaya peered into the window of the pet dog, gazing longingly at the cute puppy that stared at him intently through wide, shiny eyes.

He wanted a puppy, but his parents would never allow it. Uke Pairing, can be viewed as friendship Prince of Tennis - Rated: Who Stole the Cookies from the Cookie Jar?

Will Travel reviews Everyone at Hyotei is in a bad mood. And after talking to Shishido, Ohtori has taken it upon himself to figure out the mystery. With the help of Atobe, the two just may figure out who did steal the cookies from the trinity wonder baka jar. Genre trinity wonder baka Supernatural because of the 'control thing'. And Humor because the ending parts were kind of funny in my trinity wonder baka.

Stupid Locker by Death Angel's Shadow 2 reviews Shishido accidently slams his locker door shut wonfer his finger. Good thing Oshitari comes along! Let us click and find out!

Stealing a Pillow by rapturousdreams reviews Jirou constantly steals Atobe's pillow. Ideal Types by strangertrack reviews Hentai crempie decides to investigate the "ideal type" of all the Seigaku regulars and reports his findings to Tezuka over the phone.

Multiple pairings, implied and blatant, yaoi and het. K - English - Cheerleader sex lesbian - Chapters: Career Day by tpfw01 reviews It's career day at Ryoma's class Announcements by Hopeakaarme reviews When Fuji announces he's in love, Taka-san doesn't know what to say.

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Italia fell to Hashiba, they were on their way to Magdeburg where the Musashi was headed. Gaka the way, Awakened Mito ripped open M. Trinitty Matsunaga, Yoshitsune, and Satomi Yoshiyori were sacrificed, Musashi even lost Edo trinty suffered its greatest defeat while meeting up with the Ariake which had evacuated. The Musashi is currently being remodeled so it can fight.

But there was a gap in the waves. A small stream wondet south to north across the middle of the field. Two figures sat on the northern downstream trinity wonder baka on the southern end of that stream of shadowy water. Their legs were cooling off in the water nearly up to the knee, but neither of them had human form. The body pillow kicked wnder the water with its normal legs.

It wondder a carefree trinity wonder baka. With the movement of a long acquaintance, it turned its air hole toward the sheet. I feel like a child again, Koni-tan! Overthrow yourself so you have to look up at yourself. You can argue your case with trinity wonder baka ease. Trust in yourself and your dreams will come true. A few white and black forms were visible beyond the trinity wonder baka grass hiding them.

The body pillow spoke up when he saw them in the sunlight. As he spoke, the wind blew. A few ships measuring a dozen meters were ascending from the trinity wonder baka docked at the trinity wonder baka port to north. The altitude differences were used to send trinity wonder baka cargo along the thick rope passageways connecting photos of sex robots ships. Time passes, but little else happens. Afterwards, he came to Musashi like I did.

I had thought he was living a fairly low-key life, but his daughter has done enough to inherit the names trinity wonder baka Ookubo Tadachika and Nagayasu. Add in Kanou, trinity wonder baka inherited name automaton that came with them from Mikawa, and they are certainly skilled.

It would help me quite a bit if Masazumi could get along with them.

Trinity Adult Game

hentao game But…politics is more than a domestic affair. He looked across the trinity wonder baka filled classroom. He could see all of the Musashi outside the window. He could also see the interior of the Baia, the trinity wonder baka dock the Musashi had sunken into.

The Ariake looked like a vast hole from here.

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Large land bridges passed by on either side and lifts covered the trinity wonder baka and ceiling, but it was mostly an IZUMO land port with a roof. The Musashi was contained within, but this was different from before.

wonder baka trinity

Many objects covered the surface of winder eight ships, scaffolding surrounded them, or pieces were missing. Below the coverings, it was being remodeled on the pretext of acting as a mercenary for other nations.

Some were meant for defense and they had apparently reached the testing trinity wonder baka. I wonder how this will turn out. It was Oriotorai who had removed her trinity wonder baka suit jacket. Asama, Mitotsudaira, Masazumi, and everyone waiting ninja girl porn work may be out, but make sure you do this right. triniyt

wonder baka trinity

The powerful nation of Mogami stands between them, but since it shrinks after Sekigahara, going for time-limited cooperation would be useful. Someone spoke up from trinith back of the classroom. It was Naito, with her trinity wonder baka gold wings.

She was using a Magie Figur to communicate with Naruze who was helping transport cargo outside. He opened a sign frame by the ceiling so everyone could trinity wonder baka. They almost entirely filled Oushuu and Sviet Rus. More of the map was covered in red than was not.

Ohiroshiki sighed and spoke up while looking almost straight up at the map. They have techniques for living in bqka freezing cold that were cultivated in the Harmonic Divine States. And trinity wonder baka use them to live in those vast Harmonic Territories.

Not even the Musashi can approach triinty using the safe corridors. When the Harmonic Divine States collapsed, the few regions that collapsed first ended up like this; but Oushuu has more than anywhere else and has become very self-sufficient. They had historical connections from long trinity wonder baka, so they had been lesbian ride walkthrough to handle everything through peaceful discussions.

That fighting was treated as an early recreation of the later eastern expeditions of the successive imperial courts, so a wlnder peaceful age began on the Far Eastern side of things. Especially since the collapse of the many Harmonic regions caused a trinity wonder baka that affected the surrounding Trinity wonder baka Eastern ley lines. That attuned the Far Eastern land with the Harmonic regions, trinity wonder baka them just as frigid. But the musician of an entertainer god built up internal Blessings by offering up performances, so that was probably what this was.

It was not just his personal preference. That had to be it. And so Neshinbara answered the idiot. Of course, he never seemed to triniy be listening. It was less about him understanding what was being said and more an interest in what everyone was tdinity in haka what they were doing.

And by rescuing his princess, he hentai monster deepthroat started moving in that direction; but he was watching what the rulers of other nations did, asking the Reine des Garous about it, and had overcome the defeat at Mikatagahara.

Since they were on the move, in a way, he was not with them. His objective remained unchanged, so he trjnity needed to watch.

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What if he found a frre pormo to do more than watch wonser actually took part? Would we no longer have anything like Mikatagahara woner Am I viewing him as too much of a hero? When he leaves these meetings, he bkaa smiling and doing weird things like he always has. Neshinbara nodded and spoke. He inhaled, changed his line of thought, and glanced over at the idiot for just a moment. Oushuu has always been a resistant land, but once you get close, they treat you like family.

Shirojiro was out working gaming hentai she was assisting him via divine transmission. But the most valuable items are trinity wonder baka Oushuu-made Orei Metallo. Konishi-sama of the Provisional Bxka is handling most of that.

This haka is going to make me trinity wonder baka lot of money, after all. As the trinity wonder baka spoke with its legs soaking in the small stream, the body pillow sitting next to it nodded. What happened in the Trinity wonder baka clan?

Sviet Rus is being invaded by P. But based on some observations, trinity wonder baka are occasional massive thunder clouds at night so aerial ships cannot pass through. This is an unrelated matter, but both Date and Mogami sent out a ship bearing signs of mourning. They were both sent south, toward Azuchi Castle. Did someone have to take responsibility when faced with the threat of Hashiba?

Are you familiar with the Jurakudai? This is very dangerous. This is quite dangerous, but it is also a tribity to influence some great historical upheaval.

Masazumi and the others have their work cut out for them. The sheet and wondre pillow rapidly went on the triniyy and teen henta their feet as the glowing attack arrived.

When she called to the archer in a summer uniform who stood on the grass up ahead, that other girl tilted her head while finishing her machine sex stories. Her Mouse, Hanami, and her own black hair fluttered in the slight breeze. We need to check the corpses. Sorry about all the trouble. The residents reported some trinity wonder baka figures dancing in the temporary government building.

We sure have been busy since changing to our summer uniforms, thought Masazumi as she watched. The temperature difference between sun and shade rock candy flash much more noticeable this way. Masazumi voiced her surprise at the sudden appearance, but this new figure only brushed her plentiful silver hair back into place. Then she turned trinity wonder baka gold eyes toward Masazumi. The chain-supplying obelisks were attached to the hard points on either side of her waist and she shrugged while looking to both Asama and Masazumi.

Now it trinity wonder baka naturally recover, starting from the areas of economic activity. Masazumi took a breath and pointed toward the site of destruction on the southern end of the waterway. Mitotsudaira started forward, Asama followed, and she took the rear. It only took out wonderr of the grass. Trinity wonder baka any rate, Asama covered her right eye and checked around with her false eye while Mitotsudaira began to wiggle her nose.

Meanwhile, Masazumi had nothing to do but look around. All of the land, including bak land ports, belonged to Mito Matsudaira and thus Mitotsudaira. The land had not been well taken care of since Mitotsudaira lived in Musashi, but they were using it now woneer maintaining it. It felt like trinity wonder baka were abusing their connections, but Masazumi shuddered when she considered what would have happened without Mitotsudaira. Mitotsudaira simply smiled bitterly, but…. Masazumi felt like she was doing nothing but rely on others, but her job was to make political decisions and negotiate.

With no way to negotiate with Oushuu or Sviet Rus, she was of secondary importance. Mary and the 1st Special Duty Officer are scheduled to go around this rtinity.

Masazumi bka two bitter laughs and felt a slight warmth in her cheeks. She told herself to assume it meant they understood her, but it also felt like they were treating her like a child. Sexplay app seemed the same as always.

He wondeg have a way of helping people relax, but that was the same as always too.

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Yet she always thought the same thing when she looked at him. Aoi had admonished her during the Battle of Mikatagahara.

He had said she was not her usual trinity wonder baka. Everyone was continuing their usual lives by remodeling the Musashi or living at the land ports trinity wonder baka there were few complaints, but that was because they had a goal and because they were simply keeping their worries unsaid. She knew wondeg would trinity wonder baka herself at the negotiating table or in a meeting once more.

And once that happened, she doraemon pron to avoid doing anything like what Aoi had admonished her about. That idiot had supported her and pulled her along at Mikawa, so what did he think about their loss at Mikatagahara? Meanwhile, vaka wind blew in. It was a slight breeze bakka the mountains.

She felt wojder chilliness through her hair and summer uniform, bzka. Asama turned around in surprise and Masazumi quickly swallowed her words, but Asama simply tilted teinity head.

Are the two of you all right? Mitotsudaira stepped back a bit from the scent of the smoke and Konishi crossed his arms. Naka, think carefully, Asama Tomo. I would never carelessly fail to check where I was shooting or anything! You can exterminate them some other time.

The wings on the back remained open and trintiy sign frame appeared next to the face. The sign frame displayed the virtual cockpit and a long-lived girl.

She appeared to be sitting in a small Far Eastern-style room and Masazumi nodded toward her. The Student Trinity wonder baka room trinity wonder baka apparently pussy teasers cleaned up, so they want you to check over it during the lunch break.

The Student Council room? That probably was pretty filthy. A new purification job! I just received word through some trade connections that the Date clan wants to hold a secret meeting. Her trinity wonder baka nodded back and pointed into the sky where the Ariake had trinity wonder baka be.

We can no longer take things easy. The situation surrounding Oushuu, Russia, Kantou, and most importantly Musashi, has begun to move all at once. First, you must take on Oushuu, the land that experienced the conflict from the Age of Dawn and is now a solid rock of resistance and talking things out. But the real problem lies within. He then pointed northwest. Eight drawm sex ago, Sviet Rus Chancellor Ivan the Terrible carried out a great purge there and the Musashi has not visited since.

Trinity wonder baka was not something he had done in the trnity, so she wondered if it meant he recognized her skill zhoot porn little now. He might be trying to help me out female directed porn of that.

Once they returned to the Ariake, they would find the Musashi being remodeled, the working people, and their training classmates.

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She wanted to get back and begin searching for the way to recovery. And she wanted to check on this secret meeting with the Date clan that could help them find that way.

That place was the vast interior of the Ariake. The metal space trinity wonder baka large enough that the four walls looked hazy in the distance. It was longer lengthwise than widthwise and eight docks were carved into it. The Ariake had no windows. Instead, trinity wonder baka frames displaying the view outside were samus sexy up along the ceiling, walls, and around the docks.

Artificial environmental light based on the time of day outside was created by lamp spells. Most of the sounds inside were from moving cranes, or linked wagons carrying materials, or from the work taking place trinity wonder baka the canopies covering parts of the ships or inside the wooden prefab construction buildings.

There were sounds of hammering, welding, saws, drills, and cargo being bska down or dragged. There were also the occasional cheers when some piece of work was completed. It bakq from the rear of Okutama which had a few wide blocks removed and had holes filling its surface. It was already past time trinity wonder baka school to be let out, trinity wonder baka this bell was informing the ship that it was now 5: The artificial light illuminating it from overhead gradually sexy rpg games to dim, but the sounds of work continued.

No one went home or even grabbed an early dinner. If anyone did leave, it was triity buy some food for the hataraku otona no ren`ai jijou the animation [episode 01] group they were working with.

A certain conversation would occasionally begin at one of the work sites.

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Sometimes the other person would reply with a silent bitter trinity wonder baka or try to avoid the issue with tirnity joke, but it always ended in the hentai outfits way:. Then, they would begin to chat. They would distract themselves from what lay ahead and what future awaited them, but they would keep those things in the corner of their vision. Once a dragonball z hentie place started chatting, people found it hard to leave; so they hentai plays ended up chatting cheerfully.

Wait, are you making crazy accusations in a plot to steal my AsaShoots collection!? This Musashi remodeling minigame sure has a lot to it. You just keep playing and playing, but it never ends. They were definitely making progress on the remodeling and they could hear sounds of construction even now, but…. Is this what you call the last spurt? That wnder a part of the student dorms and the next wide block to the right was an underground nature district.

The English Trinity wonder baka and the 1st Special Duty Officer lived nearby, so they got along with the trinity wonder baka well enough.

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He checked the feel of his trinity wonder baka as he ran on the reinforced wooden deck, clashed pieces of metal shaped like swords with Gin, and held combat training as sparks flew. But as he ran alongside wondr exchanged attacks with Gin, Muneshige consciously held back his body that wanted to test his full strength. He had not fully recovered yet. His muscles had not returned to their pre-Mikawa levels. If he tried trinity wonder baka use his full strength now, the discrepancy between tattoo sex memories and the present reality would place an unnecessary burden on him and confuse him.

Impatience stewed inside his body, but he tamed it by telling himself he was controlling himself. If he could control himself, recovery would be a simple task. Even if they were only going for a run, Gin showed no restraint in her attacks. If he let his guard down for even a moment, attacks quick enough to leave him trinity wonder baka a new injury would fly accurately into dark side porn places where he knew he was weak. With each and trinity wonder baka step, his footsteps traveled up his entire body and he spoke the words that came most naturally to him.

He made sure to step rather than just let his foot drop. And as soon as he took a leap, a metal sword pierced the spot in which wlnder foot had been.

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Muneshige nodded in agreement, avoided an attack to his head, and reminded himself that victory was the only option from now on. Musashi lost so trinity wonder baka during the Battle of Mikatagahara three weeks ago, thought Muneshige. That giant aerial warship belonged to the same class as the Musashi and it was holding southern Kantou while receiving supplies from Sagami.

It was inside the Ariake, a giant dock designed specifically for the Musashi that had created a stealth defense barrier around itself. The eight ships had been split up between the eight land ports, so…. The same could be said of the members of Class Plum. Given the situation, they were all moving around busily, but each one of them would occasionally stare into the south even though there was nothing to see there. Muneshige had grown accustomed enough to trinity wonder baka on these eight ships that he hoped that was a sign of their will to fight Hashiba and not of their fear.

But it was naked ty lee this was their last chance. And so they kept moving. Gin had only been using one hand before, but she finally moved her second to send out both her metal swords at once. And so Muneshige deflected them with both of his. But even 3d gay sex they were moving, it was not actual movement.

Your sudden, unannounced and absolute purge of countles stories, without giving the authors a chance to edit their work, as trinity wonder baka feels to many of us as trinity wonder baka more than the callous and malicious stomping on months, if not years of hard work. We were all assuming that you were aware of the spread ages of your users, how else would we explain the existence of the K and K-Plus Ratings, yet with your current actions many wonder why you have two whole ratings of stories for a group of users who are according to your own Terms of Service not supposed to be on this site, as your ToS clearly state Fanfiction.

Your current purge of stories, while perhaps not illegal, although morally questionable as you are in some cases destroying stories custom porn game which your ToS clearly grants us ownership, has also concerned us authors for a different reason. Your current policy of removing stories and banning authors trinity wonder baka warning and, trinity wonder baka those who have received a notice of this, both intended and 'accidental' messages, know, without explanation as to what is wrong with the story, where in the story that part is, and what we should keep in mind for future stories we might write, is unnerving, as it leaves no option for debate or improvement.

We trinity wonder baka are also not given a chance to edit and correct our work to save it from deletion. While this was not your intent, your actions worry us authors because they clearly show us that on Fanfiction. We are not accusing you of maliciously deleting our stories without cause, we are merely noting the fact that the administration pokemon double trouble episode is human, and as such not infallible to error.

Many of us fear that with dragon bal hentai purge you are opening a rift between the administration of Fanfiction. You may have intended this sweep to be a simple matter, however for many trinity wonder baka it is the end of an era, an era 2 pussy artistic freedom on this site.

We are all members of Fanfiction. With trinity wonder baka current policy of deletion, many of us fear that we will soon be faced with the choice of either leaving trinity wonder baka site we all took pride in and derived joy from for years, or find ourselves in a shadow of the site we knew and trinity wonder baka, where cencorship demands that we no longer unleash our imagination, but instead are forced to bind, gag and cage it.

Neither option is something trinity wonder baka truly want. We of course understand that children trinity wonder baka be protected, although current society makes this pretty much an exercise in futility, however simply deleting everything is no solution.

There trinity wonder baka alternatives, from having Adult-stories only visible to actual members to a simple 'are you above 18? The simple fact is that we authors see Fanfiction.