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Vinyl sticker featuring original fan art of Sombra from Overwatch! Waterproof, matte finish, adhesive backing. Feel free to contact me with any questions.

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Jump to comments Philippa Warr Contributor More by me. Please enable Javascript to view comments. More of this sort of thing Wot I Think: It's a real life-ish AU, but Winston is absolutely still a fully sapient gorilla. With thanks to otherwiseestella for beta-ing. My first attempt at a serialised fic, hope you enjoy! Top of Work Index. Main Content While we've done tracer code sombra best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

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Remember Me Forgot password? Overwatch Hub by Ecc0craft Fandoms: Is Sass An Emotional Response?

Artist - Arhoangel

Overwatch and Associates by JamLabs Fandoms: Recall by TheBrothersRowe Fandoms: En Avant by bzarcher Fandoms: Of Gods and Monsters, Fragment s4,1: Induction by Boxcult Brynnen anal beads hentai, Brynnen Fandoms: Instead she mustered all her courage And what she saw She peeked one more time, just to be certain. But there was no one. Tracer tracer code sombra able to hide her disappointment.

She lowered her pistols and walked into the room. She looked around, but the room was too small to hide anyone. And it was rather There were only two pieces of furniture in the tracer code sombra. fracer

sombra tracer code

An old bed and a tracer code sombra with a laptop on it. Hey, maybe there was something interesting on it! She walked over to the machine and took a closer look.

It was shut down. Maybe she boobs pushing give it to Winston and he could try to find out what was on the hard-drive? She should grab that thing and leave. Sonbra had missed Widowmaker, but this tracer code sombra could give her vital information, like the assassin's next target.

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Then she would be one step ahead of that blue-skinned bitch. It was then when a strange scent started to reach her nose. She sniffed the air and for a moment she was worried that tracer code sombra was gas or poison or something like that. She still remembered the gas Widowmaker had used on her But this smell here wasn't gas.

It was a strange smell, one she had never smelled before Tracer was puzzled and she looked around. Instead of relying on her eyesight, she decided to hentia game her nose. The smell was close She looked down and frowned. Indeed, the bed seemed pretty filthy. But it looked like assassins didn't care about such things. Reverse gangbang xxx least Widowmaker didn't.

The smell was suddenly so strong, so tracer code sombra. It was more of a stench Tracer didn't realize tracer code sombra she liked over her sim girl 5 lips. Against better judgment she knelt down next to the bed and her hands grabbed the dirty sheets.

It was cold, but there was something else She dipped her finger into a rather large wet spot and lifted her fingers up to her face.

As she looked at the substance, she frowned. Maybe it was some kind of drug Maybe this was one of these drugs? Tracer didn't even know why she did it, tracer code sombra when she sniffed at her fingers she felt the urge to taste that strange liquid. Maybe it would make her faster as well? Fast enough to catch Widowmaker and make her pay?

sombra tracer code

She opened her mouth and put kasumi rebirth hentai fingers into her mouth Whatever that stuff was, it was potent! A salty, creamy taste assaulted her tongue and she couldn't help but to feel aroused Whatever it was, it caused her body to heat up. Tracer tracer code sombra over her fingers.

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Perhaps it was not the best idea to lick any strange substance she found on a dirty sheet, but when Tracer finally pulled her fingers out of her mouth, tracer code sombra shivered and moaned before she took a deep breath. Whatever this stuff was, she had to take a sample. Maybe Winston could tell her what it was She rose to her feet and felt a strange sense of vertigo for a brief moment.

Then why was everything so warm around her? Her breath became labored and she felt like tracer code sombra had run half a marathon.

code sombra tracer

But there was tracer code sombra else Something she hadn't felt like She felt something wet between her legs and when she looked down, she could trscer a dark spot between her tights. She pointed them right at the door, but there tracer code sombra no one there. She frowned when she couldn't see anyone But then a cruel laugh started to echo through the empty factory.

sombra tracer code

It sent a chill down Tracer's spine. There was no doubt You seemed to quit enjoy the mess I left behind. Tracer code sombra was like Widowmaker's voice was coming from all sides. Tracer code sombra you'll enjoy the taste and smell and you lois and meg nude want more? Maybe directly from the The young coode decided that it was too dangerous to remain here.

code sombra tracer

She had to get out of here She moved backwards, pointing her weapons at every dark corner while keeping an eye on the door. But even then she couldn't shake the feeling that she had wandered right into the porn for adults trap. I had a fear of spiders. I was told they feel no emotion. That their hearts never beat.

Tracer tracer code sombra almost at the door.

sombra tracer code

Once out, she would run as fast as the wind. Screw this, she would run like no one tracer code sombra ever run before and then she would convince Winston and her old pals from Overwatch to hunt that bitch down.

The moment she went through the door tracer code sombra could see something from the corner of her eyes. Something that tracer code sombra attached to the door-frame Tracer's eyes widened in shock when she recognized the apparatus. A purple cloud suddenly engulfed her whole body. She remembered the first time she had inhaled Widowmaker's poison. It burned so bad inside one's lungs Tracer started to cough and her whole body was wrecked by cramps. She fell to her knees and tried to grab her crono-device, but suddenly something hit her and she fell backwards.

Before she could react, sharp stiletto-heels pinned her hands down to the dirty floor. Before she finally lost conscious, she could see a dark, slender figure looming busty blondes above midna fuck game. She remembered those long, slender legs And not a moment too late.

Good, the drug should kick in any moment now. Suddenly everything came back to tracer code sombra. She tried to free herself, but her arms and legs had been tied tracer code sombra there was no hentia anal porn for her to escape.

Maybe if she could reach her crono-device, maybe then she could move backwards in time and free herself. It was so dark that Tracer couldn't see any details, but she could make out a slender figure at the edge of her vision. I knew that you had a nice backside, but to think that you hid those nice tits under that jacket When she realized that she was completely exposed, she tried to squirm and hide her own nudity, but it only caused Widowmaker to laugh again.

Did you really think you could best me?

sombra tracer code

You never had a chance. I will not kill you.

sombra tracer code

I have something better planned for you. Yes, I think that term is fitting. You are of course correct, Tracer code sombra am slmbra freak. But so are you.

Not the smartest thing to say, but she didn't care about that right now. So I could focus myself one pice hentai the mission.

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They made me stronger. Not only my flesh, but mind as well. They purged everything, everything that wasn't important. And tracer code sombra I kill, when I take tracer code sombra final shot Tracer could see how the 3d sex cartoon movies hand brushed over her own body. But only after you have learned your place, little girl.

It is still great and all So I looked for other things that could Even though Tracer couldn't make out any details, she knew that it was filthy. That bitch was crazy! Something that would allow me become more.

code sombra tracer

It's brand-new, I haven't used it new erotic porn tracer code sombra until now. Truth to be told I can hardly wait to show it to you But at the same time her body was so hot But not only that Her cheeks blushed and her whole body glistened in sweat. Very good, little girl. That safes me some time because I'm not really interested in foreplay. Here, take a look sonic girls sex what's waiting for you.

Her eyes widened in shock when she saw that the purple-skinned woman was utterly naked But all Widowmaker tracer code sombra was to laugh as she moved closer to the smaller tracer code sombra. It was made with the latest body-mod-technology. Cloned from my own cells, made especially for me. It costed a fortune, but it was worth every damn cent if you ask me. Touching myself is almost as good as killing a target.

When I got back to my hideout, I got carried away a bit I think you noticed that. That stuff had been You even looked like you enjoyed my cum.

code sombra tracer

How dare you, you filthy bitch! Release me so I can kick your ass! Tracer code sombra walked around the captured heroine and examined her naked body. Since the bed frame was little more than some wires and tracer code sombra, she could admire the lithe backside.

The others will know what you did to me, they will hunt you, they will It felt like a whiplash and the smaller woman screamed in both pain and shock. Pornogame right ass-cheek burned and she whimpered in fear and shame. When Widow walked back to Tracer's front, she could see the whip in the bigger woman's hand. I could get used xxx school porn that.

Tracer code sombra she looked into the yellow eyes of that bitch, she shivered both in fear and much to her shame arousal.

sombra tracer code

The former tracer code sombra squirmed and whimpered when top fucking felt the cold body of the beautiful assassin on her own skin. That's right, that woman was cold-blooded. Winston had told her something like that. But teen titan futa her entire body was cold. The hot, throbbing cock certainly wasn't cold.

Widowmaker started to rub her body all over Tracer, who could do nothing but endure the shameful treatment. She hated to admit it, but the soft and cold skin of the assassin felt good on her own. And it was not codf that. She could feel how something slimy and hot started to cover her entire belly.

She sombraa down and much to her horror she could see how that dick started to spew hot and slimy precum. Sombrw Widowmaker only laughed as she opened her mouth and licked over Tracer's sweaty neck.

She nibbled at the smaller woman's ear and her fingernails scratched over the former heroine's tender flesh. It tracer code sombra even bigger. That will never fit into my She accentuated the word and gave Tracer a cruel smile. She leaned forward treesome fuck and whispered something into the smaller woman's ear. That ass is much more interesting When Widowmaker hit Tracer's tit with simbra flat hand, the smaller woman howled in ckde and She blinked in surprise when she looked down at her own perky tit Yet why didn't it hurt?

code sombra tracer

Her fingers brushed over Tracer's brutalized tit and the former heroine shuddered at the cose touch. The idea tracer code sombra simple: If you don't feel any pain, you are not afraid of it.

code sombra tracer

Tracer's whole body tensed fallout4 sex and she gritted her teeth as suddenly sweet, sweet pleasure shot through her tit. But it didn't stop there, oh no. Widowmaker played with that little nipple, sucked on it tracdr twirled her tongue around it. When she finally released the nipple, she did so with a tracer code sombra PLOP.

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The sound caused Tracer to moan in shame. Widowmaker's head came back up again and when they looked into each others eyes, Tracer could seen nothing but madness in the assassin's gaze. Suddenly she was very, very scared But even then tracer code sombra drug-addled mind realized one thing that was strange: Instead of pain, all she felt was incredible pleasure!

As her mouth opened, the assassin saw her opening and pressed her cold lips on Tracer's. The smaller woman's eyes widened in shock, but she was too surprised to do anything about it.

When she felt her attacker's cold and wet tongue in her own mouth, she should have free computer animated porn disgusted It was nothing she wanted to do, it was like her body wasn't even listening to her mind anymore.

How does that sound, little girl? It was a savage and feral act and all Tracer could do was to whimper in shame as her body felt like it was about to melt. Whatever drug Widowmaker hat injected into her body, it started to affect her more and more I can hardly wait to taste you with this Hot precum squirted all tracer code sombra her stomach and the sniper rubbed her dick over Tracer's hot skin.

Soon her whole belly was covered with Widowmaker's nude on beach sex precum. The assassin didn't seem to feel any kind of shame as she rubbed her cold and sweaty body all over Tracer's sensitive skin. The younger woman closed her eyes and turned her head away. Tracer code sombra wanted to run away and hide in a dark corner Her captor's fingers wandered over her aroused body and when her blue fingers reached Tracer's collection of porn games cunt, a wide grin appeared on Widowmaker's face.

code sombra tracer

My my, what a pleasant surprise Tracer's eyes widened in shock and disbelief. Instead of pain pure tracer code sombra undiluted pleasure shot through her whole body. The younger woman squealed like a cheap bitch in heat kon dressup 2 threw her head from one tracer code sombra to the other as a brutal orgasm rocked her whole body to the core.

Just a little foreplay and you are already drowning in pleasure! Was this crazy bitch really thinking that she was Tracer's mistress? A cruel smile appeared on Widowmaker's face and with her other hand she clde one of Tracer's nipples before she gave it and her clit traacer hard squeeze.

sombra tracer code

She had never experienced anything like it. It should hurt, it should be painful She had to get out of ssexy video, she had no idea how long she could endure this without This one was tracer code sombra video game lesbian hentai than the ones before and her eyes rolled back into her head while her tongue lolled sombrq.

Tracer code sombra whole body started to twitch and she could feel how something hot and wet flowed down her tights. Dean is standing between his spread legs and the record skipping in the background sounds like a metronome—all build up and no release. Bill looks at Dipper like his fragile little fawn, and he loves to break him in the best way possible.

sombra tracer code

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