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Jan 20, - I'd like to share our first game with you guys, it's called Ramen no Oujisama, or The Ramen Prince! It's a hentai game where a compelling story.

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Said scenes will still be unlocked in the gallery section. Another character route is now open with 3 new animated scenes!

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Character artwork for Tomone! Character names are now colored!

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Do you have dialogue choices pertaining to business decisions? Game's been updated to v0.

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Like Reply Name Like Reply BadWolf Like Reply Nixisdaname Like Reply NillBye Prnce what this is ; Like Reply Someone Like The ramen prince (ramen no oujisama) i love anal Like Naughty machnima playmaker Like Reply Anon Like Reply Jump down and say some fucking g Like Reply Alpha Like Reply Neko Ramen is Life Like Reply Marko Like Reply Kazehaya Like Reply omnomnomnom Like Reply that one autistic kid Like Reply Zettonuki Like Reply Anonymous Like Reply me Like Reply ThatNerd Like Reply anon Check out the FAQ.

A Big Thank You for all your support!

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Receive backer-only updates as we continue creating the game and releasing more character routes! Gain access to all 10 character routes!

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This means receiving updates whenever new content is added to our game up to version 1. Also gain access to the working process and some very exclusive artwork for Kickstarter backers, and get a thank you in our credits!

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May 7, - Jun 6, 30 days. Share this project Done.

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Tweet Share Pin Email. A multi-route mature visual novel with 10 female love interests to choose from, awesome artwork and compelling storylines!

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Play The Game Online! Wallpaper, sample representation only.

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May change in style or format later. Sticker sheet design, sample representation only. Support Select this reward. A big thank you from us!

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Estimated delivery Sep Kickstarter is not a store. You can still type using your physical keyboard.

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There's now a Shift hentai graphics, that works as a toggle to enter capitalized letters. Enter is now a down arrow, located at the bottom right, which hides the keyboard.

You oumisama) still move around keyboard by pressing the cross arrow, now located on the upper right. And that's about it.

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It should be easier to type with this thing now. Buttons have been shrunk btw, so let me know how it goes if you're using a phone or tablet.

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It's now here too. But don't expect anything yet, as there's no other language available to display yet. We're talking with a fan translation group at the moment and we'll tell you guys more about it on a later post.

The Ramen Prince - Version

This including Mie's new and improved BJ scene. Dialog and choices have been updated as well.

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And let me know what you guys thing of that X-ray thing. In the next update, we'll try to shade the other animated Xxx zoo stories we've got. Oh and the background characters have also been shaded - so they won't look too out of place this time around.

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As always, if you spot any weird hinata hentau and stuff, let us know and we'll investigate it! You gotta shell out the cash if you want the current full version. Guy, yes there is somewhere you can download it.

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If you follow the Patreon link and then scroll down a bit there will be links and one will be to a downloader site. I thought i was watching anime I'd love to play it on my own time from the desktop. This one is nothing but a black screen.

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I chose Sango's dish and didn't even see the other girls from the intro. You're welcome

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