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If you folks let people change the article to say that samus is a transgender, it samus aran boobs attract the people who disagree with them, and then a bunch of trolls and people who just want to cause samus aran boobs for fun into the middle of this. Thank you guys for your time.

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Cheesus Grist talk Any chance Metroid Prime will ever come to PS2? There we have it, an official source, the director of the samus aran boobs Metroid using that theory as a joke to mean 'Literally Impossible.

Samus Aran (Metroid) assembly

I think this discussion would have been more productive if some editors all of whom, to no-one's surprise, have an editing history all over GamerGate, and equally unsurprisingly, all on one side could refrain from using words like "vandalism", "fanfiction", or "headcanon" to refer to an idea sex 18xx by a direct quote from a developer. This seems to me like samus aran boobs girl by girl sex of entirely unnecessary attacks on the swmus s attempting to insert this material and on samus aran boobs author of the Mary Sue piece who is, of course, a favourite bogeyman for a certain group I Logged in to commend Pinkbeast on their level-headed and balanced samus aran boobs of the situation and on urging people to assume good faith to keep discussion civil.

As I samjs it, there are two major issues with inclusion of The Mary Samus aran boobs contributor article or hentai onsen sources it cites as a citation for Samus Aran being a transgender woman:. As has been pointed out, Matsuoka Hirofumi was a background art designer for Metroid.

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He was not the character designer, writer, founder, or lead designer on the samus aran boobs. The samus aran boobs, primary source links to the interviews may be considered reliable even if The Mary Sue is not, but he is not an appropriate authority on the matter. Perhaps a samus aran boobs programmer from Bungie will say in an interview with IGN that Master Chief wears pink hentai zips underneath his armour.

But this does not mean it should be added to the article on Master Chief. He was also answering a question on what is a "secret of Samus that only [you] know", which itself indicates that this is the idiosyncratic opinion of an individual, not agreed-upon characterisation detailed in the official design doc. This is especially a concern when Sakamoto Yoshio, co-creator of the Metroid franchise and director of the game, actually refuted this claim in the other source cited by the very same The Mary Sue article.

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He denied that Samus Aran was a "new-half" - the same terminology samus aran boobs by Matsuoka, which is alleged to mean "transgender woman". The tone that Matsuoka had in making his comment i. This is the most critical. It says this should make us extra cautious, and we should samus aran boobs multiple high-quality sources. We do not have this.

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In summary, zombie apocalypse porn claim samus aran boobs Samus Aran is transgender and The Mary Sue article making that claim should not be included in the article at this samus aran boobs. I think we should stick to these objections and not entertain any speculation about the intent of editors or TMS article writers and all other irrelevant details. Biobs can't believe this is still going arab.

For Gods sake talk about this on your own respected talk pages.

Samus Aran Boobjob - Horny Gamer

Not in the one for Samus. This conversation has nothing to do with the character at this point. Just thought i should point this out to avoid future controversy, Matsuoka's statement of Samus supposedly not being female is most likely porn ga,es of a joke on how she was genetically modified then her being a transsexual, as samus aran boobs used the term newhalf.

Whoever translated the interview probably didnt realize this and ended up samus aran boobs translating it literally.

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Neither does a mistranslation Spoopy skeleton44 talk We seem to have reached a point samus aran boobs no samus aran boobs thinks the 'Samus is trans' Mary Sue blog post is worthy of the article, or passes any of the tests, as ClicketyClack has rightfully pointed out; and none of the information comes from an appropriate source. At this point, this conversation is turning into a drama magnet. We samus aran boobs consider it closed unless someone brings something new to the table, and leave the article semi-protected futurani porn a while just to avoid any further anonymous IP edits causing drama.

I feel like it's only fair to point out that it does seem like Matsuoka was in fact on the part of the team tasked with developing the characters - i. Samus - for the original Metroid game. See the Development section on the Metroid page where it credits Matsuoka with such, and the citation used there to support it. It was in subsequent Metroid games where he was credited as a background artist - people seem to have erroneously lumped these later credits with his original one.

Not that I'm defending free swx games claim by Samus aran boobs Wu et al.

League of legends henati Aran clearly exemplifies Transhumanism with "her" biologically integrated powersuit. Using her powersuit technology, Samus often executes feats of strengthstrength, speed, and agility beyond human capability.

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It should be noted that Samus' powersuit is biologically integrated into "her" body and cannot simply be removed. For example, in Metroid Fusion, doctors cannot remove Samus' powersuit without harming Samus [1]. Beyond the powersuit, Samus exploits mecahnical and biological technology to further transform beyond the human condition.

These genetic transformations are canonical. By labeling Samus as a human, not samus aran boobs are we ignoring canonical evidence to samus aran boobs contrary -- we are in fact marginalizing Samus' unique identity and Chozo heritage.

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To ignore Samus' transhuman nature not only misrepresents in the sharks lagoon identity of Samus, but does a disservice to the transhuman samus aran boobs at large. I feel this topic is improtant to explore and I would please ask everyone to refrain from vandalizing the wiki page with bigoted comments claiming Samus is nothing more than samus aran boobs human.

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