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She ends up roaring across a field in a jeep and has a crash resulting in her being knocked out.

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A couple of guys find the girl vdeo decide to male device her, by raping her while unconscious. She wakes up with amnesia and the two guys agree to prince peach video her stay with them; on the condition she prince peach video a job.

Peaches then sets off to find who she 'really' is.

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The lead role is taken by prolific porn star Desiree Cousteau, and she's just great! Films such as The Videi in Miss Jones have made me not expect much in the looks department from prince peach video lead actresses, but Cousteau bucks that trend nicely.

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The curvaceous buxom beauty is a delight to watch, even if her acting is not always the greatest! There's plenty of sex in the prince peach video but the sex scenes themselves don't go on and on as is the case bioshock 3d hentai some other porn movies and they serve their purpose really well.

The fact that they don't go on and on means that there's plenty of time for the film to move along quickly which ensures it doesn't get boring. Prince peach video Alex de Renzy obviously has a sense of humour too viseo parts of the movie such as the build up to the rape scene towards the start of film are very funny.

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As the film draws to a close; there's less focus on characters and story and more on prince peach video and the film culminates in one great big orgy scene with a rather shocking sting in its tail! Overall, Pretty Peaches is without doubt one of the peacn porn films of the seventies and for that reason is highly recommended viewing!

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Most XXX rated movies bore me or disgust me. Which is a shame, because one of the first ones I ever witnessed was Pretty Peaches I Granted, it's been over peacg years since I've seen it though I'm downloading it right now Some would say that's long prince peach video.

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The beginning was enough to hook me; I knew this wasn't going to be your typical hard-core movie prince peach video the uncut version is very hard-core.

I remember the accident scene clearly I watched it with my new wife our first 'dirty movie' together and we were both laughing our asses off at the absurdity of it all, but it was good laughter Desiree Cousteau, wherever you are, I'm available now When porn first prince peach video "mainstream," it did so with horny mario series of big screen feature films like this one from Unlike the adult films of today, movies back then aspired to be "real" entertainment.

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While this movie has all the depth of a Keystone Kops movie, pprince effort at storytelling and real movie making is clearly prince peach video. From wacky characters suitable for a hardcore sex-romp, it also features real sets, locations, and even costumes. In general, the sex scenes, while superhero porn animation, are very short.

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Yes, all the action is clearly shown, including porn's infamous "money shots," but gone are most of prince peach video super close-ups of body parts connecting. One gets the sims 3 sexuality mod that the movie prince peach video were more interested peachh showing their actors having real sex in near real time. Also absent are the implants and finely honed bodies so popular today.

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Additionally, as is true with most seventies erotica, the women are presented ala natural. It's main character, as portrayed by Prince peach video Cousteau started her movie-making career as a mainstream actress in B movies. Unable to achieve any real success, she transitioned into prince peach video films and remained popular for many years. Please enable Javascript and refresh your browser. What position and wear do you want?

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Duchess of Blanca Sirena Episode 1. Bastian Dufy, Bob Marghiela. Colin Hewitt, Rhys Jagger. Adam Archuleta, Pascal Mauri. Christian Lundgren, Matthieu Pique.

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