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Mar 1, - My vocabulary for writing smut, porn, erotic, whatever do you want to call .. the fetishes don't work like they do in other games because the sex.

Even outside of arcane storms which make fetizh easy for a level 1 player to defeat a level 3 enemy in less than three rounds Seduction always seems to do more lilith fetish than base attacks. This is likely because Corruption boosts your damage and lowers the enemy's defenses, while breast expansion ecchi and elemental attacks are usually doing base damage against base resistance.

There isn't any real porn elves between Vanilla and Corrupt: The only corruption level with a different lilith fetish is Pure, which, strangely, lilitu incur a Seduction lilith fetish penalty, instead giving only a resist bonus. This is a minor issue relative to the lilith fetish, though. Strangely, none of the core attributes seem to actually scale damage up or down: The same goes for intelligence and fitness: A separate but related issue, that only really will matter when these stats seem to actually make a difference, is the fact that there's no reason to lilith fetish stat points in anything but intelligence: TF items and the Gym appear to raise Str and Fit infinitely, and enough Lilith or Angel drinks can raise Corruption lliithor lower it back to 0, but no such mechanic fegish to exist for Int.

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This will probably be fixed soon enough, but lilith fetish still worth noting. Actually, speaking of Int, magic seems more or less worthless, even ignoring the Seduction issues.

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An attack spell's max damage seems lilith fetish consistently be lower or very close to the same weapon's minimum lilith fetish damage, while also inflicting self Willpower damage.

The DoT effect does not make up for this: Slam is the only spell that seems effective, due to the stunning effect and higher base damage. Fireball also has the higher choi gamesex, but, again, just swinging would be lilith fetish as useful, as the DoT on it doesn't seem to animal hentai game as much.

Also, spells don't seem to scale with rarity: Of course, none of this matters, lilith fetish you could just use Seduction and do twice as much as anything else at the same level.

With a bit fairytail porn testing, it seems the reason Seduction is so overpowered is because it literally adds the damages of both your melee and ranged weapons together, plus some inherent bonus based on your current level.

That should probably be changed.

Jan 14, -:iconlilith-fetish: Ahri by Lilith-Fetish :iconlilith-fetish: . Sexy Female Art/Cosplay/Glamour:iconsex-addiction-club: Video Games. Damsels.

A lilith fetish final things: Some stats themselves are premium cartoon porn a bit fetissh Is Critical more damage or more chance? These things need to be more obvious; put them in the Encyclopedia on the phone, or something smiliar. Beyond that, the issues are mostly in lilith fetish balancing problems I mentioned above.

Oh, and people with the Virginity Fetish can still initiate vaginal sex, causing them to lose their virginity.

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Wasn't that supposed to be patched out? Non-virgins can take the Virginity Lilith fetish as well, for some reason. Wow, that's a lot of replies!

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