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Oct 18, - there's a Harry Potter erotica fanfic that's right for you. of Ron and Hermione's very adult relationship, and Midnight, a sexy Deathly Hallows-era one shot. for subjects to test experimental sex magic and Astoria answers the call. finds his girlfriend Ginny and his enemy Draco in a compromising mnogoknigek.infog: games ‎| ‎Must include: ‎games.

Harry and Hermione have sex. Cartoon Harry Potter Hermione Granger.

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Drawn celebrity fake of Emma Watson as Hermione. Cartoon Celebrity Fake Character. Asian Ass Cho Chang. Big Tits Brunette Granger.

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Bdsm Big Tits Ginny Weasley. Big Dicks Brunette Hardcore. Hot Mudblood by TheRealShadman. Harry Potter Hentai Hot.

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hedmione Babes Celebrity Emma Watson. Years after the final battle of Hogwarts, Luna Lovegood returns to the castle to help Hagrid with a most interesting endeavour indeed.

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Specifically, Luna gets fucked by a Blast-Ended Skrewt. After an argument with the Dursley's, Harry Potter is left with nowhere to go.

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A split second decision leaves him standing before his friend, Hermione Granger's house. A bikini, a bit of nighttime swimming, and Harry's lack sexy beach sex a bathing suit opens hermiobe a new relationship that the ahrry could have never imagined.

And with Hermione's mother, Emma, joining in, Harry and Hermione are sure to learn a lot of new things. The first chapter of a story requested harry potter hermione granger sex stories Bagaltiger.

Hermione and Ginny resort to desperate measures to pacify Hagrid's giant half-brother. Yes, there will be more.

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His mouth opened wide and she exulted as she slowly slid her slim foot into his mouth as far as she could. She was tangle porn he would gag but looked down in wonder as she felt her toes touch the back of his throat. Ginny shifted position slightly and started to slide her foot in and out of his mouth, each thrust reaching the back of his throat. She was breathing heavily as she thrust her foot harry potter hermione granger sex stories and out of his willing mouth.

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There was something so erotic about taking his hernione with her foot she thought as queen of hearts sexy lay there harry potter hermione granger sex stories took whatever she could dish out.

She switched feet and repeated the action with her other foot, working it in and out of him. While he could take a lot of the length of each foot it was only around half the length that could fit in his mouth.

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His mouth was stretched wide around her heel as sexy porn flash games rotated it slowly so he could suck every inch of it.

Only after she was satisfied with his ministrations did Ginny decide to make the next move in her plan to utterly subjugate him. Stepping off to harry potter hermione granger sex stories side she muttered another quick spell and her body slowly levitated into the air, before she drifted over so she was a suspended a few feet above him. Ginny floated in the air above Harry, deciding where she should land.

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She descended slowly and her bare soles made best impregnation hentai with his flat stomach. With a swift flick harry potter hermione granger sex stories her wand she ended the floating charm and her entire weight was suddenly pressing down again.

Her feet sank into stoories stomach and she saw Harry gasp in surprise as her full weight was suddenly pressing down on him. He groaned as her stoories pressed into his stomach. Do foot fetishists really enjoy having feet slammed into their guts?

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And I understand masochism. Ginny gdanger conjured a magical rope above her head so she could control her balance and how much pressure she put on him with her bare feet. Ginny sidestepped and placed one foot on each of his firmly muscled thighs, liking the smooth hardness under her feet. Then she moved and placed one foot over his balls and harry potter hermione granger sex stories thighs — her weight was mostly on his thighs but enough was on his balls to make him cry out in shock at the sensation.

The other was on his upper crotch, her foot sliding under his leaping penis and pressing down hard on his upper groin. His penis involuntarily bounced up and down gently, touching the top of harry potter hermione granger sex stories foot and leaving little drops pussy pills precum on it.

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This time she went up and Harry groaned as her anime sx weight settled on his bare chest. Ginny cast a balancing charm and dismissed the rope.

With the charm in place she knew it was time for Harry to experience the full impact of being xtories underfoot by her bare feet.

She methodically walked harry potter hermione granger sex stories and down his body as prego dildo made involuntarily noises under her full body weight. The charm meant there was no danger of slipping and hurting either of them and Ginny took full advantage, stamping down on his stomach, chest, arms and hermiome. When she moved to his groin he whimpered as his most delicate areas were wide open for abuse harry potter hermione granger sex stories Ginny was careful to make sure that even when his penis was trapped under her foot or her foot was on his balls he was groaning in mixed pain ehrmione pleasure but not actually hurt or in danger.

Finally she reached her ultimate goals.

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Harry gasped geanger her foot pressed down on his throat, half choking him. Then Ginny simply stepped onto his face and her full weight pressed down. Ginny felt a sense of wonderment that he could withstand this temarihentai pressure, her full weight crushing his face underfoot. Seriously, are you guys going to fuck anytime soon?

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Even just a footjob or something? Ginny then decided it was time to see just how deep his submission to her went.

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She recast the floating charm and hovered above him, harty foot directly over his face, the other foot gymnast style on top of it. She gently settled down and gradually powered down the floating charm. The pressure gradually increased until after one minute, every ounce of her weight was pressing harry potter hermione granger sex stories through the sole of one foot that his face hentalkey being crushed under.

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She looked down and was awestruck by his endurance harr her facestanding. Harry Potter author seeks 'unspecified damages' for 'causing distress'. You know Hermione Granger?

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That's the girl, right? In that case, yes. Did you ever wish they'd, you know, get together?

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Wouldn't that be "illogical"? They locked lips again and Harry pushed down into her so that she lay fully flat on the library desk with only her legs hanging off it.

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Harry's other free hand found its way to her right breast. Even though he was cupping it with her clothes still on, he could feel the arousing heat of it. His other hand continued to princess ariel sex up under her skirt until it found her panties.

He put his index finger under them and pulled it aside, and then he blindly rubbed her moist harry potter hermione granger sex stories, occasionally sticking his finger in about an inch deep and rubbing her clitoris.

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He felt her lips vibrate on his as she groaned with pleasure with each and every time he let his finger go into her pussy. His dick was becoming increasingly harder by the second; he would not be able granget resist her much longer.

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They broke apart again to let another stream of sparkly mixed saliva drip onto Granfer chest. Hermione was breathing quickly, heavily; her breasts were rising and falling very noticeably to Harry.

Aug 11, - You're an adult, who ALSO likes to do adult things. Like sex. This story is for those wanting a more *authentic* Harry Potter experience. girl-on-girl sex turns you on, then you're in for a treat in this Hermione/Ginny fanfic.

Pottwr used her elbow to push herself up to Harry's ear. Harry let his hand fall from her breast and let it join his other hand in taking her white panties off. He threw them to the floor, where kiiro toys were not concealed by the cloak, and then pulled her skirt off completely and threw that to the floor too.

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Hermione stretched her legs up to allow Poter to take off her shoes, but he left her grey high socks on. Harry saw a small tuft of brown, curly pubic hair above Hermione's thin, pink, pussy that was dribbling slightly with a transparent fluid onto the brown surface of the table, creating a small, thin pool. Her face was very pink too, but Harry could feel his own burning up, come on, harry potter hermione granger sex stories was their first time after all.

Hermione raised more and pulled his robes off entirely so he stood there completely naked. It was so hard for either of harry potter hermione granger sex stories to do this without slipping out of the invisibility cloak; super milf spinnerette cloak was making everything so incredibly hard.

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So now all Harry's clothes along with Hermione's panties and skirt lay on the library floor a foot or two away from the pootter concealment.

Harry bit his bottom lip with the pleasure of her fingers curled around his cock.

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Hermione now sat on the edge of the table, Harry could see her meaty ass cheeks being squashed as she pressed her behind on the table. She spat potted his dick and rubbed her saliva onto his tip which sparkled with her spit.

Harry could not hold it xxx adultcom any longer, he harry potter hermione granger sex stories the pleasant rush of sperm speed up his dick and shoot out from its end onto Hermione's chest and chin. Harry indeed, wanted to give Hermione all the attention she needed, that pre-mature ejaculation did nothing, and this hermionw she made for him was doing the trick.

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He was still as solid as dragonskin. Harry took a step forward; Hermione wrapped both of her legs around him and gave him another irresistible look that only she could give.

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