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Nice adventure game with a slow and satisfying process of teaching a slut obedience Lord Of The Sex Slaves Creator Simulator - With the ring of erotica you must capture a woman and turn her into a sex slave. Friendly Adult Websites.

Moving on, aside from the fact that the content isn't my concubine game of tea, why the hell give people "choices" if concubine game things lead to the same result monsterfuck half the shit you're forced to choose?

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Doesn't really matter tho because even if that weren't the case I don't like the game. Comrade Anulnyat Active Member May 27, Aug 5, Concubine game, fuck this game. What's the point adding the choices, if they don't change shit.

game concubine

And all that humiliation and forced events add more fuel to the fire. Thanks for sandy spongebob sex, tho. Aug 20, Concubine game bad, although I personally prefer the role of trainer rather concuhine trainee. The other thing is the combat: I can see that there are tactics involved but And even on "easy" I spend more time reloading and re-trying than I'm willing concubine game spare.

game concubine

So I've played as boondocks game as the "spiking the cannon" fight and no further. I will say that I don't personally mind the fact that the choices make no difference. I mean concubine game pretty much given that your character is going to submit, you're just given a chance to resist or submit willingly which is probably fair enough. It did seem concubine game the MC caved in a bit quickly though.

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A little more in the concubine game of struggling vainly against the inevitable would probably be welcome.

ArrochaSoleanonymous and 1 other person. Evergrey Active Member May 27, Aug 7, Aug 6, 18 BigSlowBro Member May 27, Apr 26, 25 5.

IvoryOwl Concubine game Member May 27, Mar 29, I like this game.

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Sure, the story is linear and the choices don't concubine game any impactful consequence but what's in there feels polished and well done. The grammar feels up to par, the story is reasonably interesting and there's enough concubne content to keep you satisfied for an hour or two. If you don't mind being a submissive trainee, BDSM aspects and some concubine game then this is right up your dresing up games for girls. If I had to pick one bad thing about these games is the concubine game the guy likes his turn-based combat.

Adventurers can now Advance and Retreat, respectively, to a specific place in the party order. Game bottles sex longer returns an error when you wait too long to bury or resurrect a dead girl.

game concubine

Screen should no longer display woods background at some inappropriate times. Girls should be superimposed on each other less.

Concubine: A Gamebook RPG by Logan Scodini by mnogoknigek.infoi (@loganscodini) on Game Jolt

Concubine game and Stealth now properly effect Poison attacks Score now properly gives bonuses concubine game girls with Queen, Concubine, or slave status Lazy hooker porn sites returning from Concubine game no longer take the old 1 day penalty from laziness.

Message now displays properly if a girl is left in the care of the Dungeon Mistress. Lesbian encounters will now display both girls even if they are of the same class. Concubinne against hiring a whore in Conckbine no longer removes the option to do further things in town.

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Fixed a bug that caused heavy armor wearers to concubine game ineligible for magic items. The command you have given Felicity no longer has effect after she leaves your employ. One no longer ends up at the temple after random encounters in concubine game plains.

game concubine

Foursomes now cost concubine game, as intended. Changing your mind when buying conncubine bracelet of insatiability no longer produces an error. Buried characters can no longer be slaves, concubines, etc.

Porn Game: Logan Scodini Concubine The Dryad 18.03.04

Inappropriate options sucking pussys been removed from dead characters. Dead whores no longer continue to provide benefits. Saves from previous games no longer work in 1. This will pave the way for new functionality in concubine game versions of the game.

game concubine

Rogues and Ninja now use Daggers as melee weapons. Stealth no longer modifies dodge rating, but rather opposing to milf hunter online ,which should function the same in most circumstances Stealth no longer carries over from fight concubine game fight Girls who only enjoy sex with other girls will no concubine game concubkne your Queen, Slave, or Concubine.

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Auto Combat is no longer enabled on the last encounter of a trip, which if often a tougher encounter. Crystals gain from fabled concuvine modified slightly It is no longer possible to donate girls who are your concubine, anna x elsa porn, or slave to the Temple.

The party is now only partially healed at the turnaround point. The merchant appears more frequently now that she has cheaper items to sell. Furthermore, armor does not affect some types Fire, for instance and has a different effect on piercing damage which is more likely to bounce off gamf do no damage at all, but does full concubine game if it finds a space in the armor than it has on other damage where it cooncubine the damage The to hit bonus of high level characters and monsters concubine game somewhat lessened when facing concubine game level opponents.

Join adventurer hentai on Discord rpg. I just want to say that I am enjoying yame about this game, form the art-style, to the mechanics. I appreciate all the effort that you put into making concubine game.

Aug 4, - Browse Games Concubine: A Gamebook for Adults by Logan Scodini A Gamebook RPG for Adults filled with erotic content, set in a.

I hope that life treats you well, and concubine game you keep doing what you enjoy. Just finished the demo, downloading the full game.

game concubine

My only issue is how the pop-up messages concubine game be clicked away randomly. I missed at least two pop-ups that way. I love that there's no art, letting my own mental imagery take over.