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Jan 14, - IMVU is a SIMS-like game for kids, but is it really appropriate for kids ages 13 and up? you can purchase a “mature access” pass where they can actually simulate fun place for teens to interact and have fun, but it's loaded with sexual Teens dangerous games Social Trends Online & Console Gaming.

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Would you still consider it? I bring this bleachporn because I recently read a great in the trenches story about continuous deployment.

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Our tests suite takes nine minutes to run distributed across machines. Our code pushes take another six minutes.

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Since these two steps are pipelined that means at peak we're pushing a new revision of the code to the website every nine minutes. Sx 6 deploys an hour. On average we deploy new code fifty times a day. My enthusiasm for this supreme feat of software engineering can you have sex on imvu tempered by the fact that, when I clicked through to find out more about the company that was doing dan sophisticated software engineering, I learned that it's a 3D chat avatar system.

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Just can you have sex on imvu at their ads to see what I mean: What is being sold here? I'm not the first person to make this connectioneither.

A reader expressed their ccan with the IMVU ads that have been running in the sidebar recently. I was actually glad to see I wasn't the only one. They have a trashy, lowest-common-denominator feel to them.

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Kind of a "Welcome to Hoochie World" vibe. The ad has been running for over a month, and I've never seen ahve picture of a single male avatar.

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It's either the quasi-jailbait iimvu a bikini, or a couple of skanks in a pseudosapphic embrace. Using a pretty girl to sell your stuff is perfectly reasonable, bleach hentie doing it with such a lack of class gets on hungry for more porn ad nerves. I've never used the software, but the ads make me think their chat software is a world inhabited can you have sex on imvu lspeaking teenage boys that would make the average FARK thread sound like the Mclaughlin Group by comparison.

The profile for IMVU user "hottiepie4life" makes it abundantly clear that IMVU, while not quite part of the adult industry per se, skirts awfully close to the edge of it.

Over the past eight years, as US school-based sex education efforts focused on abstinence-only In , one can count literally hundreds of online and . and young adult sexual landscape, despite years of efforts in sexual and .. video games (64%) than women, though women were more likely to visit social networks.

Enough to make me, personally, uncomfortable about working there, or talking to anyone who worked there. And it certainly colors and devalues my impression of the technical work going on there.

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It has also allowed the introduction of 'adult' virtual worlds. The more graphic and sexy worlds need to be downloaded to a computer and can incur some costs.

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Some popular games, such as Second Life, allow players to connect in a number of compromising positions. More alternative games, such as LoveChess, offer the interesting chance to play chess as naked Egyptians with pieces being captured in a sexual animation.

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So IMVU is more of oj younger crowd but they also have a ton of adults on there and IMVU does extremely well to keep the two from encountering one another in such ways.

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Minors can't even buy sexual clothing since they aren't allowed to without a access pass that now has to be bought with a CC and another form as can you have sex on imvu proof Both sites offer the basics, log in create a look chat with people from all over in the form of some thing that is not tumblr мѓ‰мљ¤, take on a new life, take on a story line, role play, anything.

SL is for adults so everything on there will be more sexualized and hae towards sex.

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IMVU will always be a site where people can go and not have people trying to hump them in every message they recieve So to split the two IMVU is rated family I believe the latest Pew Research report had it at I home handjob to strongly disagree that SL is a 3D porn site or targeted to sex. Unless free online anal porn hang out in areas where it goes on or go looking for it, you don't have to see or be bothered by anything sexual in SL.

You can go around SL forever and never see or hear anything sexual depending on where you go. The overwhelming number people having dirty sex people that I know can you have sex on imvu have partners or a gf can you have sex on imvu bf keep any sexual activity they may engage in private just like adults do in RL.

From what i've seen and heard of IMVU, there is a lot of sexual activity that goes on there too. IMVU is about romance that why Im not playing.

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SL is a game like real life were we can buy cars, houses and explore worlds that why Im playing SL. I've been imuv IMVU for a long time whenver I enter a chat room I always see avatars with a lot of "emo-thing" going on it really shows on their avatar if you know the emo thing craze back then you'll understandmy first expereince in IMVU was so bad for a beginner people i,vu can you have sex on imvu down on you because you are a young upstart.

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I was distressed about how many rude diaper sex games very rude people I met there probably as everyone says: In SL sure I met the same hvae people but I really met some nice people in some "Low-traffic world" I got the finest, coolest, more real stuff, that made me stayed at SL.

My analysis of can you have sex on imvu thread suggests that IMVU proponents are, astonishingly enough, even more functionally illiterate than SL champions.

Well assuming that person did not lie. Any how mine in SL clearly says so, also says not interested in anything other than scripting and building or immvu friends.

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