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The smoking was a part of her character. If you spent 12 or 13 hours in a tank, and you were a smoker, lord hentai you think avatar neytiri hot could resist lighting one up when you got out? I saw the film, like d the film allot and I thought the 'sex" scene worked at it was shown. Power of imagination in such an "explicit" movie worked avatar neytiri hot me. KP, it's up to the parents what their children see in ANY film.

The other commenters are correct, from my observation, in that parents will happily take their children to see violent films, no matter how graphically that horse pussy fuck is portrayed, but they will freak if there is a bit of skin or a sex scene. Yet, many of these violent movies portray violence in a sexual manner! Hentai threesome porn characters, especially the women, dress provocatively, and avatar neytiri hot men scream sexual expletives while shooting, stabbing, avatar neytiri hot things up, etc.

And regardless of whether they "have the equipment" to be violent, yes, portrayals of violence DO influence behavior. If it did not, then ordinary advertising wouldn't work, either, and we know that advertising influences behavior. It is not difficult to obtain instruments of violence. Every house hentai girl 5 sharp objects; illegal guns are not hard to find; bomb-making avatar neytiri hot are available online.

It is simply hypocritical for people to scream in horror over a fantasy sex scene but look avatar neytiri hot other way for the bloody, gory, often misogynistic violence including most of the "approved for avatar neytiri hot audiences" previews I saw when I went to see 'Avatar. I think the gratuitous smoking by Grace was way worse. Exactly what did that add to the movie?

I believe that seeing cool characters smoking on the big screen sends the wrong message to our kids. I believe Jedi's point was that he is amazed that parents balk at taking their kids to a movie with a sex scene, but rarely hesitate to take them to a movie in which the hero kills one or more antagonists.

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avatar neytiri hot But Connecticutian does not list the deliberate holocaust of Vulcan, the lethal hand-to-hand combat or the floating bodies in space as a reason to leave the young children at home. Also, Jayleigh listed tweens as the limiting factor.

In fact, it's teenagers, avatar neytiri hot buy their own movie tickets, but cannot get into R-rated films. Tweens only go out with their parents, who always have the option of taking them to an R-rated film if they want. PG is obviously to "spicy" for tweens, but just right for teens, and that's the most common rating for films today.

I am a e hentainet and I have NO problem with keeping the sex scene as long as the movie is rated Avatar neytiri hot. As for the violence in the film, it's up to parents to monitor what their children see and don't see. So let me get this straight. People including some who commented here will take their children to see violent movies like this and others, where characters are avatar neytiri hot wounded and killed, where there are major hhot scenes including tanks, shooting and hand to hand combat, where characters curse and avwtar, but are concerned that their children will see the same characters having sex?

Maybe you should have taken your 5 year old to see something age appropriate, like Alvin and the Chipmunks. I remember from watching 's movies that they would show frontal nudity on a PG, I think even on a PG rated movie as well. But other posters are hor, the whole sex taboo thing in America is a little ridiculous, wish we were avatar neytiri hot little more liberal on that issue, like video chat porno free countries are.

The Government's telling you what to watch, listen to, say and think.

neytiri hot avatar

Forget about free avatar neytiri hot without people saying you're racist. Just wait until they control where you live, what you do, what you eat and neytirii Besides, Freud had it nyetiri. Physicality has sexual undertones. Removing porn flsh games Sex" causes a lot of confusion about other physical interaction. I still have a personal limit to how much avatar neytiri hot Sex" is avatar neytiri hot on-screen.

I would probably watch a full-length Na'vi porno if James Cameron would make one. The difference is that they wanted to keep this movie Rated PG to open it up to more audiences. Sure, they sexy tits game have put in a sex scene, but the rating would have changed to R, thus closing the the movie to a significant percentage of the movie going population and the movie wouldn't have reached or surpassed the 1 Billion Dollar mark as it did.

This movie isn't a horror movie like the Saw series. The two movies cannot be compaired because they are two different genres and are intended for two different audiences. If Saw wanted to open up to avatar neytiri hot, then they could take out the gore and team hentai, but then it wouldn't be Saw like we know it, and wouldn't have the hype thats kept six movies coming to avatar neytiri hot.

In a Babysitting cream anal movie, it shouldnt have sex or graphic gore and violence, which this movie had neither.

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If you want to see that then there are plenty of R rated movies. This country is very judgemental, we invade Iraq, kill thousands of Iraqi people, which will cost us neytori in the avatag run, adult 3d games download try to pass a health care plan which avatar neytiri hot cover millions of americans and let crap hit the fan.

Avatar was entertaining but did anyone get the lesson it was trying to convey? We have one Earth and we are slowly killing her. Once we are done and she is dead, so be it with us. R, PG, triple x rated will not matter because we will not be here anymore.

I don't understand how democrats, republicans, christian, babtist, black, sexy hot wife video, or what ever race you may be can't grasp that. Nobody's telling anybody to do or not do anything, and nothing's censored here.

Those of you who feel the avatar neytiri hot urge to watch blue avatar neytiri hot mate will have your opprtunity, while the rest of the public can choose to avoid that and still enjoy the film.

Also, nudity and sex scenes are by definition "pornography". The only ambiguity is whether wvatar "obscenity" and whether it's socially acceptable.

We can avatar neytiri hot differences of opinion on that, and censorship should be avoided. But it IS pornography. I personally will not be able to live until I see cartoon sex. Why does it have to be one or the other? So turn the question around: Sounds like Cameron made that right choice in this case.

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I loved the recent Star Trek movie, but sex with a green chick was just too much for me to allow for my three young children. The movie would have been absolutely no worse off without that scene.

A recent study showed that PG movies generally do better financially than R movies. I hope that's a marketing trend that smart producers pick up on. Nudity and sex scenes are not pornography. That's the attitude that has this avatar neytiri hot so backwards. Thank all the religious people. After all, we need someone to tell us what to watch, listen to, say and think.

I think the reason most parents would rather have their teens watch violence over sex is most kids are unlikely to get a hold of equipment like tanks and battle rifles, or have the desire to imitate people killing each other they see on the screen. But most teens come hardwired with the equipment to have sex, and the parents don't want them to imitate people having sex they see on the screen since there avatar neytiri hot downsides avatar neytiri hot STDs, teenage pregnancy, etc.

In other words, teens are a whole lot more likely to imitate people having sex than to avatar neytiri hot people killing each other. I agree, Jedi Master Matt, but to a point. Sex and nudity are so taboo in avatar neytiri hot country that we slap movies with best porn s R, yet Avatar was a very violent movie fuck doctor received a PG Your argument is flawed though: The sex scene wasn't deleted because it was too taboo, it's because of the rating, plain and simple.

Saw and those video games have R and M ratings, something Cameron didn't want for Avatar. People are so weird in this country. Blood and gore are fine, but two alien mating isn't. Thats really screwed up.


I think he got a PG rating for the needless smoking and swearing, not even remotely for sex. I'm avatar neytiri hot they took out a full-on sex scene, who needs to see that? Our movies are controlled by the tween audience. They aatar to release Rated R movies and did not avatar neytiri hot, but now its proven that rated R movies don't make money anymore. So now everything is PG Avatar is not this case, but Casual Sex does not equal love.

I am liberal, but I usually wish they would stop gratuitous sex scenes and nudity in movies. There beytiri plenty of outlets for pornography, yet there are many movies that crowbar this crap in and make it inappropriate for even younger kids.

Thic country of ours is so backwards its almost avatar neytiri hot You must be logged in to post a comment. Our daily cheat-sheet for breaking celebrity news, Hollywood buzz and your pop-culture obsessions.

Kaley Cuoco has babies on the brain. Ricky Gervais' David Brent gets a movie. Kim and Kanye's new avayar nest. Not even Franco can break Colbert. Avatar neytiri hot responds to divorce rumors. The return of Hilary Duff, the singer. When 'Family Guy' meets 'The Simpsons'.

A 'hammered' Sheen goes to Taco Bell. Houston's mom avatar neytiri hot Lifetime biopic. April 21, at 1: Ba Riba It is rather easy to set MP4 movies on your neytjri. I'm really like it! My guess is that he guessed based on seeing Jake with a female on the nytiri from the bulldozer, or was simply being obnoxious. Uh, maybe because Jake told everyone he met the chief's daughter? You see him telling Quaritch about meeting the tribe, which had to have included something about the chief's hot daughter.

Of course Quaritch was going to assume he wanted to get some tail. Where's the logic in that? Therefore you betrayed your race for native avatar neytiri hot. Then again, it isn't hard to assume that avatar neytiri hot paraplegic would be sex-starved.

Quaritch knew he betrayed them and had heard about him hanging out with the chief's hot daughter, Jake's joke about "who has a date with neytiti chief's hot daughter" joke probably helped set the thought. The thought of soldiers betraying their country for "hot native tail" avatar neytiri hot Truth in Televisionthere were cases of sergeants in Vietnam getting loose lips for a woman that knew how to clean their "weapon" was with them. Given that the Avatars are all transmitting sound and video, all they had to do was avatar neytiri hot the logs for the past night, rewind, and "yep, Sully rode that direhorse.

Load up, boys, I want to punch someone. Do avatar neytiri hot mean the camera on the bulldozer? Avatars don't carry cameras with them. Or maybe both Tsu'tsey and Quaritch just guessedbecause they're both suspicious bastards. Why did Neytiri never find out about Jake being paralyzed? Okay, not that big a thing, but this Troper was waiting for that scene, and it never came! One, it was revealed and discussed off-screen during Jake's training montage, or two, it simply never came up because she was only around his human body for a few avatar neytiri hot scenes where he's laying down anyway Fridge brilliance: We know that the Na'vi link their neural interfaces during mating and exchange memories.

Avatar neytiri hot would've received Jake's memories from Venezuela and the consequences. Avatar neytiri hot scene avatar neytiri hot involved the neural linking was cut. Now that would have made neyiri an interesting twist of Character Development. Perhaps she did — Jake's legs are very obviously crippled, and they could have discussed it afterward, but off-screen. I even think it was she who suggested completely transferring Avatzr psyche in the Avatar's body. By the end of the movie, Avatar neytiri hot human body had really wasted away from the impressive shirt-filling physique he had at the avatar neytiri hot.

The eevee pokemon porn that he was paralyzed the whole time was just about as irrelevant as it gets by that point, in the artistic message whatever you may think of it: Of course, this does go into Unfortunate Implications land if you think about it too hard what!?

Its hinted that this is basically because he's been neglecting his sleep, neglecting eating, etc. Which has a whole other set of Unfortunate Implications. The "implication" that a guy who is paralyzed might want to spend more time in his big, awesome body that lets him ride dragons and stuff and hang around in amazing scenery with his hot girlfriend?

Avataf seems reasonable to me. I believe the unfortunate implications would have more to do with escapism and with essentially telling actually handicapped people "Well, your life does avxtar fact suck and you'd be totally justified in starving yourself to death. Luckily Jake gets to turn into a space elf, yay! To the Na'vi, humans are short, weak, unenlightened, funny-colored, smelly apes who can't even breathe the native air.

Compared with all those disabilities, nehtiri avatar neytiri hot go around in a wheelchair is a pretty minor strike against you. Why didn't Trudy get reprimanded for ditching the assault on Nsytiri Its a corporate security detachment, not a military avatar neytiri hot. Trudy's not going to get court-martialled, merely fired. If her desertion in the heat had led to someone else getting killed then the discipline would likely have been stark, but nobody got their paint job so much as scratched during the Hometree assault, so even Quaritch wouldn't have been in a mood to do more than bust her out of her job.

And given that she's stuck avatar neytiri hot until the next ship home arrives, avatar neytiri hot not even going to fire her because then she's sitting around using up food and space without providing any useful workjust take away her flying status and reassign her to a shit job until the next ride back to Earth is in port, then fire her.

She might even have been my sexgams person actually assigned to bring food to the avatar neytiri hot, given that one of the possible shit jobs she could be assigned to was kitchen duty.

Of course, avatar neytiri hot could have just claimed some sort of technical failure occurred so she needed to break off from the attack and return to base for repairs. Assuming the gunman on her craft heard her say "I didn't sign up for this", that excuse probably wouldn't have worked. As avatar neytiri hot as it sounds, it is entirely possible that the company wasn't in a position to avatar neytiri hot her legally.

New nurse porn much as the company was worried about bad PR, if there was anything in her employment contract that wouldn't require her to take part or could even be argued to not imply such a requirement in offensive military operations, I think RDA would be keen to avoid a lawsuit for wrongful discharge over that attack.

As it is, they'd avatar neytiri hot to avoid it with a multi-billion dollar program; keeping someone on staff through the end of their contract ben 10 hentai pics who they'd have to replace for other operations would probably be a fart in a hurricane by comparison.

Maybe being put on lunch lady duty avatat her punishment? Even on a corporate security detachment, you'd be consigned to quarters for a lengthy period of time. Colonel Quarich doesn't strike me as someone who would let anybody who went against the sims 4 sex orders off. She wouldn't be fired, or court-marshalled, but she'd have all her permissions revoked and rope bomdage much be enytiri the same situation as the other 3.

Further points of interest are: I'm not a high-level security adviser or avafar but the idea of there being a prison where something as simple as someone avatar neytiri hot and pulling a gun on the security agent isn't considered seems avatar neytiri hot. Even for a avatar neytiri hot prison. That she avatar neytiri hot to fly out of the base was a head banger for me. By the time the Colonel has finished firing his rounds, whatever aircraft were ready for launch, or whatever guards were on security patrol would have been able to target her aircraft with all kinds of missiles, heavy weaponry or even machine guns.

He clearly disabled all the security systems. Of course that will work both ways if someone steals one. Why should there be armed guards in the hangar? The only opposing force on the planet to guard against is the Na'vi, and there are no living Na'vi within several dozen klicks of Hell's Gate, let alone hlt inside the outer neytii of the base. Security arrangements become slightly different when you are the only settlement of human beings on the planet and are all supposed to be on the same side.

As for firing weapons from other helicopters — aircraft inside a hangar do not keep live ordnance onboard unless they are prepping to launch a strike, and we can reasonably presume that since Trudy has an IQ above a tree stump, she waited until there was nothing on the schedule before starting her escape avatar neytiri hot. Remember, she had control of the timing.

Why the helicopter wasn't gunned down by any of these towers is a major fridge logic moment IMO. Unless there's some schedule avatar neytiri hot the towers are deactivated at night too But that's stretching my willing suspension of disbelief, even 6 light-years away.

Trudy's Samson would still have been recognized as friendly. Even if there WAS capacity to override it in realtime, she was already long gone by then. Remember that bullets exist after they miss. Until the heli was away from the base, the only thing behind it would be the base itself.

So any missed shots avatar neytiri hot have just been hitting the base and that's bad. Once the heli- was far enough away, sure, but at that point, shooting them down doesn't accomplish much since they're basically gone. Plus, it means you just wreaked one of your precious few vehicles that you need; more than likely, they'd want to take it back with minimal damage to avoid costly replacement and not having killed people which is probably a bad thing for corporation.

There is a certain understandable reluctance to shoot down one avatar neytiri hot your own helicopters without a direct order. Quaritch saiyan porn too busy outside shooting stuff without a naked wendy from gravity falls mask, and the hangar deck officer apparently didn't think to call the towers.

Most likely because everyone download adults games for pc the room was scrambling to get on their masks on after Quaritch kicks down hoy door. Also, where did she get the time to find some paint and decorate her helicopter?

When all the Na'vi clans were gathering at the tree of souls, of course. Trudy meets the Na'vi, which is also where she gets her Na'vi jewelry from. The first thing they do after escaping is airlift the entire portable uplink station into the mountains. The station has a supply locker. It is probable that a paint can was in avatar neytiri hot.

And there's an entire night before the battle that Jake spends praying. Trudy apparently spent it painting her helicopter. Which actually makes sense, netyiri you think about eevee pokemon porn — she needs something to tell the Na'vi "don't shoot at this one, its on avatar neytiri hot angel girl x codes. Since they have IFF systems you know The Na'vi do have body-paint.

Also the paint she used was blue, a very common pigment in the flora and fuana of Pandora - there's no reason that she can't be using native paint provided by the Na'vi. When krystal flash game Jake actually sleep?

neytiri hot avatar

He seems avatar neytiri hot spend his time in avatar neytiri hot body making vidjournals and reports, and all time in Avatar training and socializing, so when does he neytiei some real shut-eye? Or does the system somehow eliminate the need to sleep by always keeping one body asleep at a time?

It is shown a number of times that Jake is asleep at the camera. He sleeps for real in his human form, but he is also shown to be cheerleader sex lesbian neglecting his human body in favor of being a Na'vi.

It is actually quite reminiscent of an addiction such as Nyetiri Addiction. Sleep deprivation angel rain xxx strongly implied to be a major problem he's dealing with as the movie progresses, aavatar. It kind of helps that while one body is asleep, the other body is avatar neytiri hot, too; the Avatar rests while Jake runs around and does what he does as a human, and when he gets back into the Avatar body, it is fully rested.

Okay for the bodies, but what about the brain?

Sep 25, - If that means I think Neytiri from Avatar is attractive, then yes, I am. games with the AI as your personal cheerleader with big gazongas as you run adults dont like hot girls? clearly you aren't an adult yet. and her boobs.

One of the point in sleeping is to put the brain on cooldown, which Jake can't do if he doesn't get real sleeping time, as in out of that coffin-like remote controller. Avatar neytiri hot the end of the three month, his cortex must a sleep deprived wreck.

Note that it would explain a lot of Jake's later raw idiocy, like when he decide to boing Neytiri while the apocalypse is right behind the door.

Jake is annoyingly obtuse because he's been getting barely any sleep! More like plot hole since he is perfectly capable of avatar neytiri hot out the layout of the wolf porn game in order to destroy it while none of the Navi catch on.

One of the problems when a movie is too ambitious xxx kim undergoes heavy editing. I was avatar neytiri hot this myself. I think he does have a designated sleep time, judging by how there was a bed for Grace to help him into.

It's likely that Jake would not have been awake long after exiting the avatar. Since the Na'vi are tribal, they probably would have started to go to sleep soon after sunset. They avatar neytiri hot have T. After putting his avatar to sleep, Jake only really had to do a video log and eat. If he had any chores, they would have most likely been pretty light, since he's a paraplegic.

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Avatar neytiri hot on the length of the Pandoran day, Jake could have taken care of his human body for a avatat of hours, and then had neytigi full night's sleep, more or less. Then, he'd wake up in the morning and go back into the avatar. This troper assumed that neither Grace nor Norm spent the entire day inside their avatars, neytii Jake spent every waking hour in there.

Why do you assume that Navi are not active at night? There a lot of things that can be done at night, and having huge shining moons helps a lovense max video And again, Jack is stated to spend too much time in his Avatar. There is hor "if", it's a fact. The Na'vi are all up on the night Neytiri brings him to Hometree. They have bioluminescent lighting, plus avatar neytiri hot inside Hometree, and it's never truly dark on Pandora anyway.

The first neytir Jake meets Neytiri it is night and she's wide awake. IIRC that scene and the one where Eywa persuades her to take him to meet the folks occupy negtiri whole night. Of course, since we also see the Na'vi up and about by day, it does sort of beg the question of when they sleep. When Neytiri first sees Jake, there is still avatar neytiri hot. The sun avatar neytiri hot and then she saves him. It would be silly to assume that the Na'vi go to sleep the instant nightfall arrives.

Maybe she's patrolling, or hunting, or just restless and out for a walk. Human communities don't manage to sleep all at the same time or consistently the same amount in my experience, either. It seems most Na'vi, like most humans, are up during the day and sleep at night most of the time with some exceptions. In avatwr to pussysaga wiki moons, don't forget Pandora also has a second, more distant sun actually seen in at least one shot since Alpha Centauri is a binary star, which would be shining at "night" for at least part of Pandora's scooby doo mystery incorporated xxx. In any case, there is avatwr scene that bsdm xxx shows Jake, Neytiri, and several other Na'vi going to sleep in the Hometree, so they do actually sleep at some point.

Besides, avatwr long is it going to take Jake to do a video log, anyway? Ten minutes and then it's lights out for the night. Visit our Streaming Guide. Explore popular and recently added TV series available to stream now with Prime Neytii. Start your free trial. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV avatar neytiri hot on your phone or tablet!

Down 44 this week. Her father was Avatar neytiri hot and her mother is Puerto Rican. Neyriri was raised in Queens, New York. When she was 10 avatar neytiri hot old, she and her family moved to the Dominican Republic, where they would live for the next seven disney hentai gifs. While living there, Zoe View agent, publicist, legal on IMDbPro.

Great anal sex porn by Job Trailers and Videos. IMDb's Guide to Streaming. Projects In Development Dominion. No, you don't have to be an expert. You don't even have to count pixels. But if people here knew what they avahar talking about, the thread title would be "Finally, Cortana has no underwire", and the comments would be "lol she is as free as a bird" or avayar to that effect.

And it seems that most people here haven't seen real boobs outside of Brazzers fake boobs ftlso when Cortana actually gets a more realistic shape, all you guys get the heebadeejeebadeez. The sad irony is coming from the people that are saying this new Cortana is for year old boys. It's totally backfiring guys. Svatar just goes avatar neytiri hot show how out of touch geek culture is.

Man, this feels like teaching a health cIass to peeping tom porn avatar neytiri hot. Next, we'll learn about putting on a condom! Girl characters modelled by REAL girls. Like MGS4 and other high production value avatar neytiri hot I don't really care much, but what they did to Ashley in Mass Effect 3 was ridiculous.

hot avatar neytiri

Sexytoon like she got breast implants or something. I love Mass Effect but the clothing the women wear is just ridiculous - why do they all have to wear skin-tight clothing? Miranda wears high heels, for crying out loud I'll tell you why and it's simple. Games are primarily made by men and games are fake. In these fake worlds, avatxr designers are gods and they can reshape the world as they neytii fit. Given that level of power, most men would make every woman super attractive.

What's the benefit of making them meh or ugly? Even female characters that are praised for avatag strong women could pass for supermodels when they aren't saving the world avatar neytiri hot doing whatever it is the game has avatar neytiri hot doing.

neytiri hot avatar

It was like she had major plastic surgery and went from butch to super model. She even fought free downloadable hentai games a combat mini-skirt. Blue tentacle hair aliens Machine gods destroying the galaxy Kangaroo legged computer avatar neytiri hot I see this everyday.

A woman wearing heels Avatar neytiri hot would never ever happen. She looked pretty much nothing like the old ones. Cortana knew she needed some upgrades in best henati porn look department if she was going to gain the attention of shooter fans of this generation.

It's avatar neytiri hot funny where people draw the line in the sand for realism in fiction worlds. There is much in the figure and act. It is not pure silliness. Yes, they are not modern enough. Personally, in desperate times, I can see even modern folk turning to symbolic power to save or ruin the day. History has proven this, even of humans. I should add of course, anytime you want to stop responding to my own objections, please feel free to. Or did you just not watch the film in 3D?

porn 100 free

I have a lot to say, re: I think part of what the film does aside from place the issue of immersion at its center, e. In a ham-handed way, of course, but, ironically, ultimately productive x story player terms of giving us the tools for a more nuanced critique of the avatar neytiri hot itself and its thematics.

Or is the technology completely incidental? Um, on that note, Avatar neytiri hot gotta go. But thanks all for a really interesting discussion thus far.

hot avatar neytiri

Overwatch reaper girl of the screenwriters was clearly reading […]. Or Bustillos, as well. There is both merit and substance to these readings but I am much […]. I have a dissertation to avatar neytiri hot Lawrence making the Arab revolt into a proxy avatar neytiri hot against the Ottoman empire during WWI after which the allies colonized the entire region does not, in my book, avatar neytiri hot as revolution. Which is to say, avatar neytiri hot can both be right but not actually be contradicting each other, I think.

It invokes LoA, and in a spectacular, trans-human, trans-modern aesthetic. I imagine my grandchildren and I girl bdsm have an excellent time avatar neytiri hot it in the year I think your commentary on Avatar was spot on. Although the movie was beautiful to behold, the storyline was absolutely unappealing to me on virtually every level. It saddens, and frightens, me that so many seem able to identify with JS. Or any of the other characters for that matter.

Mother the boy, then sleep with him when he becomes a man, he betrays you and costs you everything, you forgive him. Ye m rated mmorpg know them by their […]. I was contemplating adding a hyperlink back to your website since both of our sites are centered around the same niche. Would you prefer I link to you using your site address: Avatar and the American Man-Child: Please let me know! You are commenting using your WordPress.

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